At the First United Methodist Church of Wayne/Westland, weddings are occasions of both joy and reverence—joy because of the love and happiness that the bride and groom have found in each other, and reverence because of the commitment they have made to live out their vows under the grace of God.

The sanctuary where you will have your wedding seats 250 people and has a 125 foot aisle. Colorful stained glass windows and rich wood details complement the classic architecture. A pipe organ and organist is available for your wedding. Our house of worship will serve as a beautiful location for your wedding day.



We are eager to help make your wedding a lovely and meaningful event and asks your careful attention to the following guidelines. The church receives many wedding requests; these guidelines are necessary to facilitate planning and to provide clarity both for you and for the church.


Wedding Coordinator
For a copy of our “Policy and Guidelines” for weddings, please contact our wedding coordinator Sandy Ofiara at the church office 734-721-4801. She will be happy to discuss your wedding plans with you, introduce you to the pastor, and take you on a tour of our church sanctuary and facilities.