A Vibrant Colorful Faith of Hope, Trust and Love

Growing up in New York’s Finger Lakes, the weather was predictably similar to the weather here in southern Michigan and the beginning of November usually heralded the arrival of what some call “The Great Gray Funk,” that persistently pattern of cloudy skies which lift occasionally for days of brilliant sunshine and bitter cold over the […]

Reflecting God’s Love

In my high school sophomore year, I was the homeroom captain for our high school’s fall candy sale, and thought perhaps I could start the drive out with a little extra motivation by writing the names of the the students who hadn’t turned in any sales on the chalkboard. I had barely started writing when the teacher and […]

The Hope and Promise of New Life in Jesus Christ

Fifty years ago this summer, my father, Tim Cortelyou, walked into the principal’s office of the Phelps High School to apply for the open Eighth grade Social Studies position. Over his objections the application was marked Seventh grade English and he was hired on the spot. Standing 6’3”, and still almost as fit as during […]