Days for Girl’s Summer Worshop

Attention all women and girls! Charis circle was inspired by our Prayer and Self Denial program to get involved with Days for Girls.

This organization provides hygiene kits for girls (mainly in other countries) that are washable and reusable. Each kit will last about three years. Having this kit means that the girl can attend school or go to work without missing due to her monthly cycle. Thus, it ensures that the girls don’t miss vital instruction at school or hours at work.

Our goal is to sew 25 kits. There are specific instructions that must be adhered to. We are asking for donations of money or items. The list is very specific. A collection basket for donated items is located on the bottom shelf near the south doors on the Collection Connection book case.

Thank you for any donation or help. A sign up sheet is located on the United Methodist Women’s bulletin board across from the nursery.

Bring sewing scissors to cut out material. We anticipate sewing the items at the July and August workshops. If you have a sewing machine, please let Linda Owulette know. A serger sewing machine would be ideal.

Any questions? Please call Linda Maylone, President, at 734-674-7239 or email her at

Items needed: dark colored washcloths, travel size bar soap Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton underwear (full size briefs) girls sizes 10-14 (dark colors or patterned only-no white or pastel) (only this brand and sizes, no bikini, thong, French cut, etc.)