Rummage Sale Blessings

Rummage Sale Blessings

By Linda Maylone The fall rummage sale was very successful. I am not just speaking about the financial aspect of the sale. The money that is earned does build up our general fund, and, of course, that is a good thing. But I feel the sale offers many “hidden” benefits, too. Think about this: on […]

The Thrill of Hope

Have you ever experienced the thrill of hope – an excitement of possibility about to be realized that may have the potential to change your life even as it connects to and gives new meaning to everything that has gone before it? I experienced it as a candidate for ministry, arriving on the campus of […]

Come Join the Story

An unusual opportunity has presented itself to Andrea and I, to attend the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City in mid-April. Interesting things can happen when your spouse works in the advertising field. Among the dozens of films being screened in Manhattan during the festival will be some of the most compelling stories told […]

With the Wisdom of a Single Heart

“I hate those who have a divided heart, but your law do I love.” Psalm 119:113. Jesus said to the people: “. . . what king marching to war against another king would not first sit down and consider whether with ten thousand men he could stand up to the other who was advancing against […]

Welcome to Lent

Welcome to Lent. No kidding. I say “no kidding” because not everyone thinks of Lent as a welcome experience. This is probably because for years, the focus of Lent was on self-denial, on “giving something up.” Imagine, if you will, a person who normally drinks about five cups of coffee a day. But each year […]

Happy New Year

As we begin 2015, I hope that the new year will be one of great generosity, joy, and faith for the people at first United Methodist Church of Wayne Westland and the community that we serve together. I hope that our life together as a church will be a reason for celebration and plead to […]

A Hope Worth Celebrating

Hope dominates the season of Advent the way the setting sun dominates photos of cityscapes and countrysides. Even when it is not directly visible, it transforms everything that we see and experience. The prophet’s lament for the unfaithfulness of God’s people, never forgets the proclamation of the redemption to come. The Apostles Peter and Paul […]

Reflecting God’s Love

In my high school sophomore year, I was the homeroom captain for our high school’s fall candy sale, and thought perhaps I could start the drive out with a little extra motivation by writing the names of the the students who hadn’t turned in any sales on the chalkboard. I had barely started writing when the teacher and […]